Excavation plays a critical role in the construction of homes and buildings. At JLL, we leverage our expertise, hard work, and heavy equipment to simplify this essential step for you. What might seem overwhelming becomes effortless with the JLL team by your side.  


Whether you need a large hole filled in or a mountain of dirt cut down to build your new barn, shop, house or other structure, our team is equipped with the expertise and machinery to prepare your site for construction to commence.


Our team is prepared to address your drainage challenges, whether they’re simple or complex. From burying a downspout line or designing a comprehensive drainage system for your entire property, we’ll create a solution that ensures water management becomes effortless for you!


Taming your overgrown property, whether it’s the entire area or just a portion heavily overtaken by trees and brush, or perhaps a pasture that needs mowed down, these are tasks our team is equipped to conquer. With the use of heavy equipment and hard work, we can reclaim that space and make it usable again.



Creating a beautiful lawn begins with a healthy, well-prepared base that is smooth, compacted, and yet soft to the touch. Whether we’re renovating your existing lawn or establishing one in a newly constructed area, we assess the soil conditions and grade the area to ensure it’s ready to nurture lush green grass. Whether your soil need amending with new topsoil or is already in great condition, we’ll tailor our approach to provide a smooth and welcoming home for your soon-to-be lush lawn.



If you have an old house or other structure that needs to be demolished, our team here at JLL can expertly manage every aspect of the project. From tear-down to haul-off and disposal, to the final steps of thorough clean-up, we’ve got you covered.


That new piece of land will undoubtedly look stunning with a new house or barn gracing its surface! But how do you plan to access it? Consider a simple gravel driveway as the solution to creating a consistent, dry, and well-defined path from the street to your home.


On steep hillsides where vegetation struggles to grow or hold on, our solution is to use large rocks, know as rip rap. This rock serves to stabilize the soil, slowing down the water flow and allowing it to sift through the rocks. Ultimately, rip rap help keep the hillside stabilized and in place.


Utilities are essential for maintaining a happy and functional home. At JLL, we have the expertise to install underground water, sewer and electric lines for both new and existing homes, ensuring your property remains well-equipped and operational.


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