OUtdoor Living

Our approach to outdoor living is aimed at offering you and your family an extension of your home that fosters quality time together. We design and build these spaces with a blend of passion, creativity, and craftsmanship.


A well–designed patio space not only provides a defined area for activities but also serves as a foundation for the ultimate backyard retreat. Through a creative approach, our team utilizes various paver types, offering different colors, patterns, sizes and textures to your space. This allows for a truly customized patio experience that you can enjoy to the fullest. 


Cooking indoors can become mundane, with limited views and experiences. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your living space elevates your cooking experience to the next level. Who wouldn’t want to cook outdoors, surrounded by the refreshing evening breeze and the captivating beauty of nature? The team a JLL can build outdoor kitchens to accommodate all cooking levels and preferences for entertainment. From a simple grill island to a full-blown kitchen with a grill, griddle, smoker, refrigerators, storage, wine coolers and even a beer kegerator, we’ve got you covered.


Fire! While inherently dangerous, it also brings allure, excitement, and togetherness to any event. Let’s create that spot in your backyard that will never grow old and will constantly bring joy for years to come! Fire pits and fireplaces can be crafted in various shapes and sizes, available in wood-burning form for those who relish the crackle and scent a real fire, or in gas form for those seeking the convenience of a switch-operated fame with zero lingering smell!


TV outdoors? Absolutely! We can make that possible. Whether you’re cheering on the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs, enjoying a movie night with the family, or catching up on your favorite Netflix series, we can build beautiful structures that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor living space. This adds another extension to your indoor home spaces and encourages your family to spend more time outdoors!


Swimming is often associated with traveling in a car or plane to various vacation destinations. While these experiences are enjoyable, why not bring the swimming party to your backyard? Let’s get you swimming whenever you want, however you want, and eliminate the hassle of loading up your family and all the required gear. Simply step outside and dive into your own personalized swimming experience. At JLL, we have the expertise and resources to build various types of pools, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, and gunite. With endless customization options, we’re confident we can create a source of endless joy and your very own vacation retreat right in your backyard!


Retaining walls serve as structural backbones, supporting areas above them, or as decorative elements throughout your landscape. At JLL, we construct walls of all shapes and sizes using both manufactured stone products and large natural stone pieces. Let us assist you in designing and building a retaining wall that looks great and will stand the test of time!


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