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Beautifying properties is what we do best. Jackson's Lawn and Landscape LLC is a specialized landscape company. We are the in-depth, detail-oriented professionals you need to tackle your property the right way. 

Jackson's Lawn and Landscape LLC is a residential and commercial lawn and landscape company serving the Kansas City,MO Area. Some of the towns included in our service area are: Kearney, Holt, Kansas City, Liberty, Parkville, North Kansas City, Blue springs, Lee Summit. 

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Started the Company
The company began. Over the years we continue to grow and build relationships with new customers.


Full Crews
The last few years we have grown so quickly, that we have now added 2 Full Lawn and Landscaping crews to maintain our business in the Kansas City area.
Landscapers Employed
We are proud to employ and support 4 Lawn / Landscape Professionals. We take pride in our image as well as our work, as do our employees. It is a team environment that grows and supports itself from the inside.

Our Story

Owner - Jackson Bridgeman


The Company Began

2011 that is the year the company began and the journey started. Owner, Jackson Bridgeman followed the footsteps of other business owners in the family and became his own boss at the age of 13 years old. Age is only a number. Jackson proved this as he put his hard work, love for the outdoors and determination to good use. Taking advantage of the family’s zero turn lawn mower Jackson gained his first client. That client overtime has evolved into a long-time client, as we still service that same property today! The relationship Jackson was able to build with this customer then gave him the motivation to go out and grow this business. Jackson’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC is now a legally registered business and has grown from serving one customer to now servicing a variety of clients. We are excited to have the chance to work with you!

Words From The Owner

I love landscaping. This is a very strong passion of mine. From mowing lawns to designing and installing beautiful landscapes it’s what I love. I believe that passion plays a huge role in the success of delivering unmatched service, quality and professionalism. Relationships are a big deal and an important piece to my role with the company. I love being able to build great relationships with the clients we are able to serve. I find that relationships help build trust, reputation and customer satisfaction all in all helping the growth of our brand and organization. Customer Satisfaction will always be a top priority and my team and I will always strive to exceed the highest expectations. Jackson’s Lawn and Landscaping LLC is a company I am proud to be the owner of and I look forward to sharing my passion for this industry with you. Please let my team and I know what we can do for you!

Main Services

Lawn Care Service

Mowing-Fertilizing-Seeding-Aeration Want your yard to look like a professional baseball field? We can do it. Mowing is just one of our many specialties. We save you the time, money and frustration that can often be associated with performing your own lawn care. Our business runs on top of the line equipment which aids in helping us meet the specific needs of your property.

Landscape Companies Kansas City



We can help you improve and brighten up your landscape areas. Wanting flowers or bushes? We are skilled to install both flowers and bushes properly, giving your home the look that you desire.

Shrub Trimming


Maintaining the structure of your bushes will help keep the fine detail in your flower beds. This intricate structure of bush trimming is also key to successful plant growth. Have those low hanging branches that are making it hard to walk under or even see under? Have trees that are over grown and just need thinned out? Jackson's Lawn and Landscaping has you covered. 

Snow Removal Companies Kansas City

Snow Removal Services

Driveways-Sidewalks-Commercial Accounts

Along with cold weather mother nature brings elegant, yet hazardous snow to our region. Jackson's Lawn and Landscaping works hard to make sure your driveway and sidewalks are safe. We work long hours to make sure we are able to serve you in a timely manor. 

Leaf Removal

Fall Clean-Up-Fall Clean Up- Leaf Removal We understand that leaves can often be a hassle to rake and bag, which is why we offer leaf removal service. With this service we will remove all leaves from your lawn, leaving your lawn looking clean and ready for the winter months. Without proper leaf removal, leaves can suck in moisture and rot increasing the risk of damage to your lawn.

We are hiring Landscapers

Are you a top producer who is looking to show your landscaping skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you able to manage job sites and read landscape drawings?


At The Jackson's Lawn we offer:
 Year Round employment
 On the job training
 Excellent work environment

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